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Cat on the beach

   Here below the paintings with cat on the beach are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

Cats on the beach

Anatolij Yaryshkin

Bernard Vercruyce

Brownd Elizabeth - Cat Overlooking the Water

Bernard Vercruyce

Colin Birchall - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Colin Birchall - Bill with a mackerel

Colin Birchall - Blue Kitten

Colin Birchall - Disney and Dipstick

Colin Birchall - Kizzy

Colin Birchall - Marazion Cats

Colin Birchall - Olly

Colin Birchall - Paddy in the Porch

Colin Birchall - St.Ives cats

Colin Birchall - Tom Kitten

Diane Phalen - Summer Beach House

Elza Filipa

Evgeniya Kashina - Nostalgia

Gwen Sylvester - New Harbor Cat

Patsy Swanborough - Sampson

Lee Mothes

Lee Mothes - Albion

Lee Mothes - Cleo

Lowell Herrero

Michael Leu - Quiet Marina

Monique Valdeneige - Girl and Siamese at Beach

Nikola Bayley

Olga Ivanenko - Think of desire!

Patsy Swanborough - Tinka and Nora

Patsy Swanborough - Bonnie

Patsy Swanborough - Fluff

Patsy Swanborough - Little Bill

Patsy Swanborough - The Wash

Rahmet Redzepov - Cat from Jurmala

Lee Dubin - The Letter

Lyudmila Shahardina - Blues of a Green Cat

Shelagh Duffett

Susan Lamy - A Cat in Santorini

Vladimir Adeev - Cat in Balaklava

Yelen Jo-Anne - Bookends

Ivetta Timoshkina - Moonlight

Oleg Meleshko

Zoya Chernakova - Sea Hunter

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